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Friday WOD 4/25/2014

Main – WOD Let’s wrap up this week with a nice heavy back squat. Coming into that final stretch, 1 more week of heavy squats/lifts coming, so keep charging and hit those reps/numbers! Squat prep (No Measure) 3x: 30 sec … Continue Reading »

Thursday 4/24/2013 WOD

Main – WOD Throwback Thursday to a great snatch complex! Get ready to snatch (No Measure) 2x: 10 Snatch DL 10 hang power snatches (working on getting lower each rep) 10 OHS With PVC or light bar 3 Position Snatch … Continue Reading »

Wednesday WOD 4/23/2014

Main – WOD Lots of barbell today, think about being in the right position for both the push press and cleans, a strong stable back/core makes these movements not only more safe but easier! (No Measure) 3x: 2 wall walks … Continue Reading »

Tuesday WOD 4/22/14

Main, The Corner – WOD Warm-up (No Measure) 3 x: – 10 Wall or Rig Squats – 20 Jumping Lunges – 30 Mountain Climbers (1 Count) Then, 1 Minute Plank with a reset every 10 seconds Weightlifting Front Squat (5, … Continue Reading »