Friday WOD 4/25/2014

Main – WOD

Let’s wrap up this week with a nice heavy back squat. Coming into that final stretch, 1 more week of heavy squats/lifts coming, so keep charging and hit those reps/numbers!

Squat prep (No Measure)

30 sec squat in rig (work on ankles too)
10 wall squats
30 sec T spine work
30 sec hip flexor stretch each leg

A: Back Squat (5×2)

3 Warm up sets (or at least to get up to working weight)

5×2 @ 88-90% (make all the lifts), these shouldn’t be ugly lifts, if NOT getting ROM or staying vertical, lower the weight

2-3 min rest between sets

This a heavy session here, do not rush each set, 25 minutes here.

**If you make all 10 reps easily at 90% (which shouldn’t be the case), but have more in you, you can do 1 more additional set of 2 at 90%. Only if they are all great reps for the 5×2.**

B: 7 Minutes of Muscle-Ups (AMRAP – Reps)

Ascending ladder until infinity!

Well not quite ;) but here’s the rundown:

7 min AMRAP: 1 MU, 10 DU, 2 MU, 20 DU, 3 MU, 30 DU…..until time runs out.

Scale: 1 Dip, 10 DU, 2 Dip, 20 DU, 3 Dip, 30 DU…

If you are higher than a green band on Dips, you can also do this with Pushups. This is a good time to try to do the lower reps at a harder scale for you. Another option is jumping dips.
This one guys and gals is about being able to hit big sets when you are tired.

Thursday 4/24/2013 WOD

Main – WOD

Throwback Thursday to a great snatch complex!

Get ready to snatch (No Measure)

10 Snatch DL
10 hang power snatches (working on getting lower each rep)
10 OHS

With PVC or light bar

3 Position Snatch (6×1)

1 rep from high hang
1 rep from hang
1 rep from floor
Great opportunity to fine tune trouble points in your snatch pull.

6 sets, work up heaviest for the complex while holding onto the bar

90 sec – 2 min rest

20 mins here to get a lot of good quality reps in.

Metcon (Time)

1 time through, for time:
400 m run
400 m row
400 m run
400 m row
400 m run
400 m row

Wednesday WOD 4/23/2014

Main – WOD

Lots of barbell today, think about being in the right position for both the push press and cleans, a strong stable back/core makes these movements not only more safe but easier!

(No Measure)

2 wall walks
15 hollow rocks
15 air squats

Bridge practice – try to get into bridge position

A: Push Press (6×3)

2 Warm up Sets
6×3 @ 80, 85, 85, 88, 90%
(the set at 90 might be a reach here)

ONLY move up to 90% if you make the 3 reps each time as legit PUSH PRESSES at 88%, not jerks, so don’t be a jerk. If it feels too heavy for a triple, just back off. If you are failing rep 1 or 2 it’s too heavy.

If the 88% is tough but doable, do a another set at 88%.

90 sec to 2 min rest between sets

20 mins here to get the work done

B: Cleans, Bells, and Ropes (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 Min AMRAP
6 Cleans (185/125)- any style
12 KB (1.5/1)
24 DU

Max 45 sec-1 minute per DU attempts.

Tuesday WOD 4/22/14

Main, The Corner – WOD


(No Measure)

3 x:
- 10 Wall or Rig Squats
- 20 Jumping Lunges
- 30 Mountain Climbers (1 Count)

Then, 1 Minute Plank with a reset every 10 seconds


Front Squat (5, 5, 3×5, 3)

5 @ 75%
5@ 80%
3×5 @ 85%
3@ 85-88%
Only move up if all reps were made. If super sore from yesterday, cut the weights down a bit, but try to hit all the reps.

Pull-ups (4 x Max)

NO bands allowed during this period today.
Circuit for those scaling (repeat at least 4 times)
a.15 second hold
b. 15 ring rows
c. 5 negatives

4 sets of max strict pullups- rest 90 sec between efforts, if you are getting over 12 per set, add weights, otherwise, shoot for 40 reps.
(~10 minutes here)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

With a 6:00 running clock,

500 M Row
AMRAP Burpees with remaining time