• Larry Thomas

Setting a Daily Routine

Establishing an effective daily routine can provide you a general sense of accomplishment day to day. It may also provide ease some psychological burdens. These combined effects can help to combat negative feelings. Provided are four things to consider when setting a daily routine.


First, choose a launching point and an end point for your day! Decide when you want to wake up ahead of time. If you’re

working from home, or have no particular place to be, it’s easy to mozy in bed and get up “when you feel like it”. Time goes by, without you moving, and that can exaggerate feelings of grogginess or unproductivity. Keep your days as normal and consistent as possible by setting that alarm. Even if you get up to read or catch up on the news, at least you’re up, your body is moving and your brain is being stimulated. This is a better way to roll into your day.


I prefer to allocate your tasks across multiple days. Choose what you must accomplish each day and what can be worked on progressively. It might sound contrary but, less can be more in this case. Assign yourself a couple things to finish by the day's end versus trying to blow through an entire to do list. By doing so, you give yourself something to look forward to in the coming days and you have better energy and focus to commit to a particular task that day.


We are all stuck at home. So, make some virtual social plans! Knowing what you’re going to do and/or with whom, at the start of the day, can be helpful. The expectation of that event may help you push through your routine and put a little pep in your step. All work and no play makes you a dull individual. You should have breaks in your day where you recharge by focusing on something less demanding. However, similar to allocating tasks, don’t try to catch up on everything or everyone at once otherwise you’ll have nothing to do later.


Fourth, plan your meals. This may sound strange but it provides simple structure to your day. If you’re still having breakfast, lunch and dinner at designated times you have a roadmap through your day. It ties together starting your day at a certain time, allocating tasks and having something to look forward to, and possibly socialization as well if you’re sharing a meal with someone. Planning and preparing meals is an opportunity for creativity in your day. Not to mention having balanced energy levels. You could also minimize things like stress eating or bored eating and maintain more healthy habits.

There are some certainties in your day such as, waking up, working and having a meal. To establish an effective daily routine, start by putting these specific things into place. Then, fill in all the variables like facetime with friends, your workout or any other tasks you may have planned for the day. Make sure the time spent on each and where they fall in your day makes sense for you. You want to have good energy and focus and feel driven through your entire day!

By Coach Larry Thomas

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