September 2019 Member of the Month: Maxwell Lahey

Congratulations to our September 2019 Member of the Month, Maxwell Lahey. Max is a newer addition to the Commonwealth Community and we are loving his presence! He has great self awareness and is already utilizing appropriate scaling as he builds his base strength and skill level. Max has a wonderful attitude and is very receptive to coaching feedback. Welcome to Commonwealth, Max, we're so glad you're here!

Do you have any nicknames? Not yet! Where are you from? I grew up in Lexington, MA and haven't made it too far. How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I just started a couple months ago! What brought you to CWCF?

I was looking for a more social, structured, and varied workout. CrossFit sounded like the best fit for me, so I book the on-ramp.

What classes do you usually attend? 7:30am on weekdays, weekends when schedule allows. What do you love about CWCF? The positivity. Even after the tougher workouts, folks are still smiling. A lot of people have gone out of their way to introduce themselves/make me feel welcome. The coaches are really friendly and have given me a lot of useful feedback. What do you do outside of CrossFit? (work? school? etc?) I write software, play classical guitar, and take care of our pup. When I have time, I like to get out into the woods for a hike/run.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Push press -- it always makes me feel a bit stronger than I really am. What is your greatest achievement in the gym so far? In CrossFit, I'm happy to have gotten back into a routine and finished every workout. In previous lives, a 2x body weight deadlift was a nice milestone. What is one short-term goal, one long-term goal, and what have you been doing to work on them? Within the next 3-6 months, I'd like to get my strength back to where it's been in the past. Showing up every week gets me closer. Life goals: I'd like to stay injury free and add 30% to my PRs. I've been doing mobility work every morning and after most workouts.

What motivates or inspires you? Personal progress is the biggest factor. I love being able to see my numbers improve week to week or month to month. Some friendly competition always helps, too. What is your best tip for new members? As a new member myself, just show up! CWCF?

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