November 2019 Member of the Month: Jeremy Gwinn

Congratulations to our November Member of the Month, Jeremy Gwinn. This guy is a hard worker, a welcome addition to any class and an active duty military service member- thank you for your service!

Here are some comments from the coaches:

"Jeremy is a diligent athlete working hard to perform with intensity and match the intended stimulus of the workouts each day. This optimizes his own performance and sets a great example for other athletes at the gym to chase and or aspire to."

"I really enjoy getting to work out with Jeremy. For starters, he has an incredible level of fitness for an "older" member of our gym community. But he's not just maintaining. I constantly see him drilling new movements and putting in work after class to get better, and it's working! He has grown more proficient in his gymnastics and lifting, and works on his trouble spots like DUs. He has always had cardio for days, but it's been exciting to see that complemented by those other components. Jeremy is also just a super nice guy and great to chat with, and so when he is dusting me in a WOD I can't even be mad because of how friendly he is. When I think about our gym culture and "special sauce," what makes CWCF the place that it is, it's because we have athletes like Jeremy who embody our values so well and show up constantly to live them out."

"Jeremy always comes in prepared and ready for class. He's quite humble and takes coaching very well and is continually trying to improve."

Do you have any nicknames?

Not now, but I was called Pinto for awhile in college.

Where are you from?

Lititz, PA

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Since 2009.

What brought you to CWCF?

I moved to Boston about a year ago to pursue a PhD at Tufts. For the first several weeks, I worked out at the globo-gym on campus but quickly realized that was NOT going to work for the next three years. A friend recommended CWCF and I haven't looked back since.

What classes do you usually attend?

The best class: 6:30am!

What do you love about CWCF?

People - the coaches and other athletes

What do you do outside of CrossFit?

I'm an active-duty Army infantry officer, so combat deployments and military life in general have kept me pretty busy for the last 20 years, and student life keeps me busy now... but I do enjoy trail running, obstacle course races, craft beers, live music, and most of all, anything with my three great kids who live in NY. What is something about you we might not know?

I was a Boy Scout growing up and am an Eagle Scout, so I recently started working with a troop in Somerville as a mentor to help those kids do the same.

Who is your superhero?

Hmm, can I say both Abby and Larry?

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

This is sick, but the thruster. What is your greatest achievement in the gym so far?

Getting a few notches closer to double-unders. What is one short-term goal, one long-term goal, and what have you been doing to work on them?

Short-term: get double-unders this year; Long-term: finish my PhD in summer 2021 and get a great next assignment back in D.C. (this is bittersweet though, because I love Boston); To work on these goals... just persistence. 

What motivates or inspires you?

Seeing people do something they didn't think they could do. 

What is your best tip for new members?

Get a foam roller and use it at home. Do you have anything to add?

Just happy to be here!

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