May 2020 Member of the Month: Kuan-Chung Su

Congratulations to Kuan-Chung Su, our May 2020 Member of the Month! You may know him from seeing him on Zoom workouts, or you may remember seeing him upside down at the gym, working on his handstands and handstand walks! We love having him as a member. Here's what our coaches have to say about him!

"Kuan-Chung has wonderful energy and quiet determination. He had been committed to working on his handstands and handstand walks and was putting in the work! I know that if he's in my class he'll be pushing the other athletes to go harder and not put that weight down!"

"He is a diligent athlete; he's committed to a routine of regularly attending classes and also spends time working on skills outside of class. He is a genuine guy with great character. He is friendly and warm to everyone, coaches and members alike and that makes you want to work with him."

"* He's super friendly and has interesting stories from his unique experience growing up in Austria.

* He was an enthusiastic hiker on our last CWCF outing last Fall.

* He has shown his creative side on Zoom WODs finding odd-objects to use for weights."

"Kuan-Chun is a wonderful presence in class! It's been great to get to know him even better over the Zoom wods. He's dedicated, very coachable, and works hard, and has recently been improving significantly on advanced gymnastics skills like HSPU and pistols. Keep up the good work and congratulations!"

Do you have any nicknames? Kuanchi, Kuanny, Su, KC – I respond to all. Where are you from? I was born in Taiwan but I grew up in Austria and lived then all over places. How long have you been doing CrossFit?

It's got to be a year by now.

What brought you to Commonwealth?

My coworker told me about CWCF. I came to check the place out and loved our gym. What classes do you usually attend?

6.30am What are you doing to keep up with your fitness and community during the pandemic?

I have continued to attend classes regularly via Zoom, having this as a fixed point in my daily routine helps me to manage the rest of my quarantine life in total disarray.

What do you love about CWCF?

This community, both coaches and athletes together have created this attitude free environment where I feel welcome and encouraged to grow. What do you do outside of CrossFit?

I work as a molecular biologist in a university lab. I study how cells divide in tissue culture. Basically, I try to mess with it and then figure out what happened. What is something about you we might not know?

I am lactose intolerant but that won’t stop me from consuming large quantities of milk shakes.

Who is your superhero? People who can wake up for a 5:30am class. What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

Muscle up (Not that I can do it…) What is your greatest achievement in the gym so far?

To make CF/exercise a habit and part of my everyday life. (except rest days) What is one short-term goal, one long-term goal, and what have you been doing to work on them?


nd stand walk was my short-term goal that turned into long-term and eventually life goal. I usually stick around after classes to work on it. What motivates or inspires you?

Small successes like the first double under without tripping over yourself. Also knowing that people around you are rooting for you to do well helps. What is your best tip for new members?

Drop your ego and pick up a lighter weight but try to challenge yourself! Do you have anything to add?

Join me if you ever see me tumbling around on the floor trying to get a hand stand going. Everything is more fun with friends!

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