Step 1: No-Sweat Introduction

The first step toward living your best life is to come in for a free fitness consultation.  We call this a “No-Sweat Intro”. The No-Sweat Intro is a free consultation session to learn about your goals and see if we can help you meet them.  Street clothes are fine as this will be a consultation, not a workout.

Step 2: On Ramp or 6 Week Challenge


Alright, you’re ready to jump in!!  At this point you will work with one of our coaches to learn all the movements we use here at Commonwealth.  We teach all of this through our On Ramp Program.  Contact us to see which option is best for you and for pricing. 

  • On Ramp:

    • In your first two weeks, you will attend 5 personal training sessions with your coach.  These sessions are geared towards teaching you all the movements we use in class. and they give you a great workout. 

  • ​4 Week Kick-Start

    • If you're looking for help in fitness and nutrition, we are here to help!  

Step 3: Group Classes

Once you’ve demonstrated competency in the movements you’ll be using at Commonwealth, you’ll be able to join group classes and/or continue with personal training sessions.  Group classes are where you will get results! You’ll meet new friends, get to watch and learn from each other, and continue to be coached.  


In the group classes, you’ll start working at a higher intensity and see awesome results.  You’ll be pushed to grow and improve.  Whether you are a high-level athlete or a former couch potato (adios, potato!) our awesome coaches will scale workouts to make them appropriate for your development.

Step 4: Specialty Programs

You can choose to work with your coach on individualized programming if you’d like.  People choose this to prepare for 5K’s, marathons and obstacle races,  get ready for their first weightlifting competition, get ready for a high school or collegiate sport season or just work toward a personal goal.  Additionally, we offer small group Olympic Lifting and Rowing seminars throughout the year.


Experienced athlete new to town?

If you’re new to the area and are looking for a new gym home, we encourage you to come check us out!  To get you into our gym, we’ll take you through a 3-step process.



Step 2: Clearing Session

After you have checked out a class, we reserve the right to ask all potential members to go through a clearing session with one of our coaches.  This allows us to connect with you and learn about your goals.  It also allows you to demonstrate competency and knowledge of appropriate scaling. 


Drop-In Information

Drop in if you are an experienced athlete visiting town and looking to into a class we would be happy to have you join us!  We charge a $20 drop-in fee and require pre-reservation.  If you’re going to be here for several classes, please consider getting a one week pass instead.   We are happy to host drop-ins who are looking to participate in our classes, but we cannot easily accommodate athletes who are hoping to come in and follow other programming.