Covid-19 Update: We are open for in-person classes and accepting new members!



We are a gym that helps people achieve their goals and live their best lives.  


We believe that fitness should be fun and effective.

We are coaches who work with all sorts of people in private training and group fitness environments to unlock your potential. 


We believe that normal people will live their best lives when they can use their bodies the way they want to.   We run, row, swing kettlebells, squat, deadlift and press.  We lift things up and put them down.  We enjoy what we do and we work hard. 


Our coaches will guide you towards your goals.  They will make sure every workout has a purpose.  


You're busy. You want results and you want to have fun.  


We're the place.  



Coaching is about more than just taking you through the motions – a good coach is highly skilled at technique, the ability to give cues, programming, motivation, and able to handle any situation. A great coach can take all of those things and motivate an athlete to become the highest expression of their strength, power, performance and health. Our coaches aren’t just good, they’re great and they create great athletes.



Personal Training is simply the best way to get results.  We love working with our personal training clients to get them to their goals! 


Our awesome community of members gets together throughout the year. Whether it's a Red Sox game, our Winter Formal, a hike in the Whites or a fitness-focused international trip, our community offers awesome opportunities for our members.  


We believe that to live your best life, you need to have an actionable nutrition plan that you can track and a coach that can work with you. We love working with our clients to help them dial in their nutrition for weight loss or performance.  


Group Training is a fun, economical way to get many of the benefits of personal training and to workout with some awesome friends!



We believe strongly that people are most likely to achieve their fitness goals if they are doing so with friends and having fun along the way. To this end, our community is a very important part of your experience here. We encourage you to make friends here. Invest in the people next to you. Cheer them on till they're done and get excited when they make improvements.

Since Commonwealth opened its doors in 2010, we have helped hundreds of athletes to meet their goals and have worked hard to create a community of athletes who are all working toward their best possible lives.

Free "No Sweat" Introduction

One of the best ways to learn more about what we offer is to visit us.  Come meet with one of our awesome coaches for a free 30-minute “No Sweat” introduction to Commonwealth CrossFit.

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Commonwealth CrossFit
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