At Home WOD

As a reminder, there is no class this evening.

Here is a WOD you can do at home or at the globogym.

Hat tip to CrossFit Boston for putting out a great list of workouts you can do while travelling, at home, etc. Today’s workout is from that list.

Warmup: Do our standard joint mobility work.

WOD: With a continuously running stopwatch, run 1.5 miles at each minute mark, alternate between 10 jumping lunges (one rep is both left and right) and 10 push ups (so at minute 1, do 10 jumping lunges, minute 2, 10 push ups, etc). Continue in this fashion until either you have finished 1.5 miles, or you get “Vortexed” (have no time to run after finishing your lunges or push ups) If you finish, your time is your score. If you get Vortexed, your time at the Vortex and your distance completed is your score.

This can be scaled down as follows: 1 mile, 5 jumping lunges and 5 pushups.

Don’t want to put on pants and gloves?  You could do with with a 1500m row or a 7 mile bike ride at the gym.

One Response to At Home WOD

Burner today: 12 x 100 m sprint (2 minute centers), followed by 5 x max dead-hang ring pull-ups on 4 min centers (6, 5, 4, 4, 4).


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