Membership Rates

Our memberships are a little different than many CrossFit gyms because we put a large emphasis on the coaching relationship.  We use a hybrid model for our membership.  This means we combine personal training sessions and group CrossFit classes.  Our prices will vary from around $200/ month to around $500/ month depending on how frequently you attend personal training sessions.  Obviously, if you want to do a personal training session every week, the price is going to be much higher than if you only want to attend one a month or every three months.


Membership Details:  We require all memberships to be on auto-pay.  Memberships are  month-to-month with no contract. 10 Day’s Notice is required to change any membership.  Holds are allowed for periods of ten days or greater.  To add, hold, or cancel a membership an email must be sent to 10 days prior to the date it’s requested for.   We would never want you to spend your money on a membership without coming into the gym first, having a look around, and meeting a few of the coaches. As a result, memberships may only be purchased after visiting Commonwealth CrossFit.  Membership rates are subject to change and will be reviewed every year on September 1st.


Add-on Packages

  • Elements

    $80/session ($65/session if with a partner)

  • Elements is a course of at least 10 private sessions with a coach.   This one-on-one training focuses on teaching your the movements we use, how to lift safely within a group and prepares you for entering our group classes. Graduation will be based on knowledge retention and your ability to scale all movements properly
  • Private Skill Sessions

    $45/half hour or $80/hour

  • Work with one of our coaches on your goals or movements.