Our Gym

What Makes Us Different?

Each CrossFit gym is independently affiliated with CrossFit. This means that we are all very different in attitude, personality, training methods, equipment, etc. We believe strongly that people are most likely to achieve their fitness goals if they are doing so with friends and having fun along the way. To this end, our community is a very important part of your experience here. We encourage you to make friends here. Invest in the people next to you. Cheer them on till their done and get excited when they make improvements. If you’re looking for a place focus solely on yourself this might not be the best gym for you. Since Commonwealth CrossFit affiliated in 2010, we have helped hundreds of athletes to meet their goals and have worked hard to create a community of athletes who are all working toward their best possible lives.

Our Values:

Community: Commonwealth CrossFit is a place where we can be connected to and accountable to each other. We expect each of our athletes to embrace this community and treat each other with respect.

Joyful Drivenness: Our workouts are on the clock and we expect each other to compete with our previously held expectations of what is possible. We will work hard to improve ourselves, but not at the cost of enjoying ourselves along the way.

Generosity:  Commonwealth CrossFit is committed to being a generous business.  We strive to support non-profits in our community who are doing work we believe in.  As a community, we hope our coaches and athletes will be generous with our time and with our gifts.

Transparency: Commonwealth CrossFit holds honesty and openness in the highest regardWe will be open with our business practices. As part of this, we do not require any contracts for membership.