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Thursday WOD 4/10/2014

Main – WOD Upper body prep (No Measure) 2x: 10 Arm circles each side 10 Jumping squats 10 Pushups 10 sec plank hold (repeat 3 times for 30 sec total) Push Press (Find 1 Rep Max first) Warm up with … Continue Reading »

Monday WOD 1/19/14

Announcements-  Reminder: Monday 6:30 PM will be capped to 20 people for Monday and next couple of weeks while we look into alternatives for scheduling/ handling larger class sizes. Sign into the Monday 6:30 PM class at 6:00 PM Sunday … Continue Reading »

Monday WOD 1/13/14

Main, The Corner – WOD Warm-up Ring Rows and Wall Balls (No Measure) 3 Rounds for great movement – 10 Ring Rows – 10 Wall Balls (feel free to go light and fun here) Gymnastics Handstand Push-ups (Max Set) Test … Continue Reading »

Friday WOD 1/3/13

Main, The Corner – WOD Warm-up Burgener Warm-up (No Measure) 1. Down and up 2. Elbows high and outside 3. Muscle Snatch 4. Snatch Land 5. Snatch Drop 6. Hang Power Snatch Weightlifting Snatch Complex (6x Complex) Without dropping the … Continue Reading »